Leak Containment & Abatement System for Semiconductor Metal Organics

Leak Containment & Abatement System

The KFPI LCAS system is an “ADD-ON” safety control system for metal organic bulk chemical delivery systems. LCAS is a self-contained safety control system which can be attached to an LCAS-compatible MO bulk chemical delivery system or to MO tool gas boxes. The LCAS is SEMI S2 compliant, and can safely monitor and control the BCDS environment. In the event of a liquid or vapor leak of metal organic chemistry inside of the BCDS, the LCAS safely contains and abates the leak, without fire, damage, or particle exposure to the fab – resulting in minimal disruption to production.

LCAS Features:

  • Safely Mitigates MO Liquid or Vapor Leak
  • All Leaks are Contained and Controlled
  • All Leaks are Safely Abated
  • Isolates MO from O2 Incompatibilities
  • Integrated Safety Controls, Detection, & Interlocks
  • SEMI S2 Compliant
  • SEMI Doc 5761A Compliant
KFPI Flame Detectors
Semiconductor Fire Safety Systems from KFPI


  • No Flame
  • No Fire Damage
  • Incipient Particles Inside
  • No Particles Outside
  • No Risk Bleve
  • ERT Safety Interlock
  • No Secondary Containment
  • Small Footprint/Cost
  • MO Vapor Controlled & Abated
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Minimal Disruption
  • Wipe, Reset, & Restart


  • Sealed Cabinet
  • Controls Cabinet Environment
  • Liquid Collection Sump
  • High-Sensitivity Smoke Detection
  • Liquid and Vapor Abatement
  • Locked Access Control

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